The Get Out!

Photo: Andrew Boden

30 ‘adventurers’ wanted!

Fi Macmillan

Fi Macmillan

Adventurer, leadership coach, entrepreneur.

The Get Out! 2020 is a series of adventures to research how reflective time in wild landscape inspires your leadership.  Come with us if you want to:

  • Feel deeply calm and focused.
  • Generate fresh thinking, and the courage to act on it.
  • Know what’s important to you, and what isn’t.
  • Wonder at your body, and feeling present.

I’ve experienced these ‘take-outs’ from extended time in wild landscape.  I’d love you join me, and experience them too.

Join me in one of three carefully chosen and stunning UK locations for from 3 – 5 days, for an adventure involving either walking, canoeing or cycling.

Your adventure will be the focus of a 3 month insight process to explore how we inspire ourselves, and others.

The Get Out! 2020 adventure locations...

Great Pennine Way, by Andrew Bowden on Flickr

Pennine Way

Walking, self-guided groups


B&B single occupancy

  • 29th June to 3rd July 2020
  • 3rd-7th July 2020
  • 7th-12th July 2020
  • 12th-19th July 2020

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Great Glen Way

Canoeing, with guides


Wild camping

  • 2nd-6th September 2020

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North Coast 500

Cycling, with a support van


Hostel bunk accommodation

  • 20th-26th September 2020

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How The Get Out! 2020 works…

To participate, there are 2 aspects to The Get Out! 2020, the insight process and the adventure…

the insight process

Designed so you get the most from your chosen adventure.

  • a one hour explore session with me
  • 5 insight briefings to prepare you
  • introductory group call
  • 2 insight debriefs on return
  • a one hour debrief session with me
Read more about the insight process...

To get the most from your time out in wild landscape, your mind needs to prepare – as well as your body!  This process reveals what is most valuable for you to reflect on, and gives you tools to do that.

Based on years of leadership coaching, and my own adventure experiences, the 3 month insight process is designed to tap into your core values, purpose and vision.

We’ll starting working together 2 months before you leave.

  • You’ll receive your insight questionnaire
  • One hour focus session with me
  • 5 insight briefings, inviting you to dive into what is important to you.

After the adventure, we’ll work together for a further month, to embed your insights from your time out.

  • 2 insight debriefs
  • One hour integration session with me.

This process both supports your deep inquiry.  It also enables you to be free in adventure, without a super busy mind.


the adventure

Join one of the adventures listed above.  Up to 5 participants in each group.

I’ve partnered with specialist companies to manage each leg of the adventure.  You book directly with them.  Check links below under ‘adventure locations’.

Read more about the adventure...

The Get Out! experience is a unique combination of space and deep personal inquiry.

In days of old, when sages and indigenous people went into the landscape for wisdom they were silent.

When we spend time out, we’ll spend some time in conversation, but also in silence for some of the time.  You’ll also be journeying with questions that you want to answer.

On each trip

  • we gather for supper the first evening
  • after supper, we’ll make agreements about mutual expectations
  • each morning, we’ll discuss the route briefing, and check-in together on wellness/energy levels
  • during the day, we’ll walk/canoe/cycle depending on your chosen adventure
  • each evening, we’ll have a circle conversation for sharing experience and insight
  • on the last evening, we’ll have a closing circle, to witness what the adventure has meant for each person

what’s in it for you…

In the rugged beauty of wild landscape, through adventure and the insight process you will have time and space to breathe, feel and think.  You will also


  • be part of a selected and supportive peer group
  • be held in process by an experienced leadership coach
  • become clearer about who you are, and what’s important to you
  • use techniques to sharpen your vision and intuition
  • experience courage and presence through physical endeavour
  • be on a journey planned and supported by adventure experts

what I’m asking of you

I am looking for 30 people who’d like to be part of this research adventure, to explore how time in wild landscape inspires leadership. I therefore ask for:


  • your wholehearted participation in the experience
  • your co-operation in practical arrangements
  • feedback on the process
  • agreement to anonymously use your experiences in my work and the book that I am writing on this subject

Want to inspire your leadership in wild landscape?

Fi Macmillan

Arrange a call to discuss what you can get out of this

practical details

How much does it cost?

There are 2 costs to join The Get Out!: the insight process fee + the adventure fee

insight process fee

  • charged by me
  • £300 plus VAT
  • there is no fee for existing clients

adventure fee

  • charged by our adventure partner
  • specific to adventure 
  • e.g. planning, accommodation, meals and maps
  • fees listed in ‘adventure locations’ link above

What’s the route?

The Get Out! 2020 starts in January, and completes in September.

I’m following the 290 miles Macmillan Way from Dorset to the North Sea on foot, so this will be solo reflection time over long weekends in early 2020.  Partly, I’ll be reflecting on the research and anticipating those who are joining me.

I’m inviting others to join me from this point, in groups of up to 5, lasting for 3 days up to a week

  • Mid-summer, four sequential groups will join me to walk the 268 mile Pennine Way, from Edale up to the Scottish borders.
  • In early Autumn, a group will join me to canoe the stunning 70 mile Great Glen Way across Scotland.
  • From there, a group will join me to cycle 300 miles of the North Coast 500 from Inverness, back across Scotland and up the beautiful west coast to the most northern tip of Scotland.

Frequently Asked Questions

how did this come about?

Once, I was simply a dog walker.  Then, I started doing more outdoors.  Long distance footpaths, mountain walking, wild swimming.

At the same time, I was developing my coaching practice.  As I did more outdoors, I noticed how much it changed me.  I thought about how much my clients would get from this.

In 2012, I started walking the Macmillan Way across Gloucestershire.  Last year, with my daughters leaving home, I had a waking dream about walking the path end to end.

Then the dream expanded to walking up Britain.  I wanted to bring others with me to explore how wild landscape changes us.

Then, I started writing a book about it.  Here we are!

am I fit enough?

It’s a moment to think big, and be brave.  I’m not a great one for training but I have basic fitness.  I test out what’s needed and see how I feel. 

e.g. To walk 12 miles a day, take yourself out at a weekend, with treats, and just do it.  How do you feel afterwards?  Can you do more or less than you thought?  Do you want to train?

Mindset is key.  Work out if it’s do-able for you as part of a group.  We’ll walk together.



am I a leader?

You might know yourself as a leader from the job you do.  Or, you might lead in inspired moments – your team, your community, your people.  Maybe you are a thought-leader.

You might want to have more of an impact in what you do, move more into leadership.

What’s important for The Get Out! is that you want to think about how you inspire and engage others.  And spend time reflecting on it.

You might also want to think about what’s important to you in your work and the impact you want to have.


Want to inspire your leadership in wild landscape?

Fi Macmillan

Arrange a call to discuss what you can get out of this

how to book

The Get Out! experience is an adventure, booked with our specialist partners, and a reflective process, booked with me.

To book

  • Choose your adventure location
  • Check out the Insight Process 
  • Click ‘Get your place now!’ and fill out the form.
  • I’ll get back to you to confirm registration on the Insight Process
  • I’ll send you a booking link to our adventure partner for that trip

If you’d like to have a chat first, press ‘Let’s talk!’

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