Fi and Lesley have integrated the essence of their most effective work in organisations to craft The Evolving Leader.

We work with leaders every day.  We see when they thrive, and when they stumble.  We see what enables them, and their organisations, to change.

Our insights underpin this programme.  Six months of coaching centred on a group workshop, working with Nature as co-facilitator, enables you to develop shifts in leadership presence and capability.

In the speed and complexity of today’s organisation, you need space in which to do that.   And experienced facilitators who know how to work with the subtle challenges involved.

Register now.  Places limited to 12.  Early bird available until 12th July 2018.

  The Evolving Leader

  9-11th October 2018







the difference to your organisation

The Evolving Leader is meticulously designed to create congruent, energised and engaging leaders.  People who have moved from holding leadership responsibility, and stepped into leading with commitment and focus.

In our work, we see five core qualities that are developed in leaders who thrive.  These are the difference that you take back into your organisation.


   We take people

   to their edges…..








developing presence
Feedback on communication, awareness of leadership strengths & work on emotional intelligence creates a new level of confidence.  Each participant will also articulate their own unique leadership ‘story’, and think about how that drives their contribution.
igniting vision
Creative exercises and group momentum to inspire thinking and aspirations about the future for each leader and their team.  What do you want ‘to cause’?  As participants grow in confidence, their vision and contribution grow with them.  We explore how you might successfully communicate your vision.
clarifying purpose
In the context of individual strengths and values, leaders need to know what is meaningful in the work they do at the moment.  And, how that aligns to their purpose in life.  We explore how they want to develop that.  This creates stability, drive and resourcefulness.  Leaders who know the value of their contribution, and are working with what’s meaningful to them, are strongly engaged.
deepening engagement
Engagement is role modelled throughout the programme by Fi and Lesley.  It will be explicitly discussed and explored in the context of each participant and their organisations.  We will also connect leaders with their own levels of engagement throughout.  Using recognised engagement models (Gallup, Great Place To Work, Glint) we will explore how leaders are currently driving engagement in their business and how they can develop this further.
building resilience
In the programme we model ‘how to be’ and develop a group climate that build resilience.  Habits of space and time for reflection, taking time outdoors, disconnecting from technology, slower pacing to support insight, connecting with and acknowledging feelings are all part of the programme.  Leaders will also leave with a plan for maintaining their resilience in their day to day lives.


Walk into the room differently.  When you do, people sit up, take notice and listen.


Know the value you create in your organisation, communicate it effectively and implement it well.


Be intrinsically motivated by what’s meaningful to you at work, and in life.


Effectively communicating a compelling vision, being clear on expectations, taking the team on the journey.


Be more proactive in managing your energy.  Renewed clarity releases energy and focus.










My experience of a Vision Quest last year has shown me that Nature is a powerful context for reflection and transformation.  The Evolving Leader is an exploration into wild leadership. Working out the dance between what you do in your organisation, and what is meaningful for you to do.  This connection lies at the heart of sustainable leadership today.”

Fi Macmillan



“Your ability to create a huge sense of space from which I can think, dream, process and plan is extraordinary.”


Programme Director, National Charity Partnership – Tesco, British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK


“The leader that I am today is in part due to the time that I have spent with you. You have been instrumental for me in aligning who I am with how I lead.”


Sales Director


“Bringing together the best of our work, and offering it in this unique programme, is something clients have been encouraging us to do since I left Mars.   Building on my MSc, my continuing inquiry into how we use Nature as a context for development has sparked a lot of interest.”

Lesley Roberts









what happens


4 one to one coaching sessions.

3 day group workshop with peer leaders from a range of sectors.

360 emotional intelligence profiling.

Self-directed pre-work and integration work.


for whom


Participants will come from a range of sectors.

All participants will have leadership responsibility.   Part of registration is a conversation with Fi or Lesley to ensure that leaders expectations are aligned with the programme.

There is a maximum group size of 12.




Coaching, 360 profiling and pre-work start in early August.

The workshop is 9th-11th October 2018.

Integration work and three one-to-one coaching sessions happen over the subsequent four months until late January 2019.



Bossington Hall is a location of extraordinary peace and natural drama.

On the edge of Exmoor, it is surrounded by woodland, National Trust land, and is a mile from the sea.  We’ll be working in and with the landscape.

With exclusive use of the house and grounds, we have the space to work in whatever way we need.  We can work uninterrupted, making the most of our time together.

High-quality, single occupancy accommodation.

Bossington Hall


Exclusive use of the house and 8 acre gardens.  Surrounded by National Trust land, on the edge of Exmoor.

Hills behind.  Sea in front.  Being able to make the most of our time together, and work with the landscape, made Bossington ideal.

getting there


Bossington Hall is well-connected to the motorway network, a modest drive from the M5.

Tiverton is a mainline station, with regular trains from London taking from just under 2 hours.

Transport from Tiverton to Bossington Hall can be arranged.

how you’ll spend your time

You’ll have a personal coach – either Fi or Lesley – for the four coaching sessions.  These one hour sessions will focus on your individual development and the impact you want to have in your role.  This will be on either Skype or telephone.

Time at Bossington Hall will be a carefully curated mixture of

  • Group time – working with leading-edge thinking & content, discussion and experiential exercises – to support your development and enhance your learning within the group.
  • Individual work – structured reflection and development practice, which will enable you to work out what’s important to you, and where your most valuable contribution lies.

There’ll be time in the luxurious and beautifully appointed drawing room at Bossington Hall, with plenty of space in ‘break-out’ rooms, and time outdoors.

There are spacious private grounds at Bossington, and we’ll use the hills and coastline depending on group needs and ability.  We are likely to sit round a fire in the dusk, punctuate our sessions with walking during the day and spend time in reflection first thing.

This is not ‘boot camp’ but a time to enjoy superb landscape for the insight and calm it brings.  Think 5k walk rather than overnight marathon!

expectation of participants

Action-planning and accountability are your responsibility. We can facilitate accountability ‘buddying’.

You will be asked to allocate time and focus to written pre-work.

We will give you guidance on developing personal practice on resilience and reflection.  You will be expected to experiment, learn and adapt from your experience.

Coaching sessions will also require a commitment of time and focus.

our approach

  • Support & challenge.  You’ll get both.  We’re both highly supportive but we’ll also challenge you to look at blindspots and push your development.
  • Working in partnership.  We share some content but our work is highly experiential.  We don’t have all the answers.  But then neither do you.  We work them out together.
  • Hard-work, and fun.  We are both have high expectations and our work is ambitious.  We want you to get the most out of our time together.  It’ll be a heady mix of hard-work, space for reflection, and fun.

working with Nature

We co-facilitate with Nature, and 2 million years of evolution, to enable participants to connect with a powerful sense of self.  You gain perspective when you reach beneath who you think you should be – and work out what’s meaningful to you, and your own unique combination of strengths.

A leader who is free to walk alone, to choose their landscape, with a powerful and intentional question, will find not just new answers, but a renewed sense of self.  We support leaders in building the capability to ‘dance as who they are’ with what is required of them.

Participants will spend short and longer periods of time in Nature, both solo and a groups.  This time will be used for inquiry and reflection and to develop the capacity to listen and connect.


register now

Tell us about your interest in The Evolving Leader, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

7 + 2 =

programme cost

£4,800 plus VAT

Early registration cost of £4,080 plus VAT for booking before 12th July 2018 (15% discount)

Includes full coaching programme of four sessions, three day workshop, accommodation and full board, 360 emotional intelligence profiling, self-directed pre-work and integration work.

Does not include travel to and from Bossington Hall.

Places are limited.  A non-refundable payment of 50% is due on booking.  The final non-refundable payment of 50% is due by 1st October.