We work with smart people who are good at getting things sorted.

Sometimes a new role, challenge or restructure means you need to rethink how you’re doing things.

We are thought-partners who challenge and support you to deal with the trickier bits.  


And see what you’re capable of.

what you get out of it

Insight, challenge, space.  This is what leaders say they get from working with us.

At wild leadership, business experience and psychological training mean we can partner you to think differently, and be different.  

You are supported to develop leadership capacity and presence.  No mean feat given the challenges to today’s leaders.

The organisations we work with value our unwavering commitment to development, and professional approach.   This is what our clients say about us.  


“This role was a significant step up.  You asked really insightful questions.  I grew in confidence.  An excellent programme from a very good coach.”

CFO, FTSE 100 company


“Fi’s strengths – she’s a great listener, who always seems to have a simple, powerful question to hand – help her to strike that delicate balance between rapport and challenge that is at the heart of every great coaching relationship.”

CEO, education network


“The challenge you offer is exceptionally well-placed.  With you I found a sense of ‘me’, energy and possibility.”

Director, NCP

how it works

the basics

Usually it works like this this.

  • 2 hour session
  • six sessions
  • contracted with a sponsor
  • face to face
  • near your office

But we’re flexible." class="et_pb_testimonial_portrait">

For me, coaching is about deep listening to what is emergent in the client.  It’s often different to what they’d previously imagined.  

It’s about standing solidly at their shoulder and knowing the right moment to be provocative, to enable them to find different responses and ways of being.

Fi Macmillan

Founder, wild leadership


Contact us to discuss exactly what you are hoping to achieve.


Experience tells us that these things matter.

Good chemistry between us.  

High trust and transparency are important for great work.  Respecting each other.

That’s why we always kick-off with a chemistry session.

Growth mindset.

This touches a core value of ours.  There is always more to learn.  Learning how to learn is as important as what.

This sits at the heart of coaching.  


Leaving your habitual workspace.  

We ask clients to consider this.

Working outside tends to free clients’ thinking, make them feel good and embody change.

If not, we have workspace across London where we can meet.  Some has outside space.




We don’t have the answers to your challenges.

You do.  We find them together.

There aren’t likely to be easy answers.  We can show you how to use questions to explore.  And, how to hold difficult tensions.  Managing complexity and ambiguity create capacity.