Outdoor intelligence

A programme for coaches who want to work with the outdoors.

Coaching leaders outdoors brings new insights, embodied change and clarity about what’s most important. The dynamic experience of working in Nature deepens the coaching inquiry. It connects with our somatic, systemic and spiritual intelligence. Sustainable change happens in an inspired way.

Online working and the scale of challenges we’re all facing makes that outdoor experience more important than ever. But how do you do outdoor coaching when you can’t walk out together? Outdoor Intelligence for Online Coaching is a 5-week programme that shows you how.

Discover how to guide online clients to develop a new intelligence in Nature.

Fi’s passion and enthusiasm shone through at every session and created a really special space for the eight of us to share and explore this way of experiencing human development. A powerful experience that I have introduced into my coaching process and way of working. During the programme we were immersed in nature whilst working remotely from each other online, experiencing what we are encouraging our clients to experience.

Darren Hilton

Tapping the Source

What you’ll get

A programme for coaches who want to work with the outdoors.

You’ll learn how to guide clients in developing their
own practice of working outside that becomes a bridge
into the coaching session. It extends their coaching
experience beyond the one-to-one conversation.
That means you can offer clients a unique online

What you’ll get is:

  • A bespoke one-to-one session with Fi after the programme of 30 minutes. An opportunity to explore and plan how to integrate this into your coaching practice.
  • Confidence in setting up and managing a 6 session online coaching relationship, working with the outdoors. During the Friday sessions, you’ll have a peer coaching relationship in which to coach and be coached using an outdoor practice.
  • Experience working with a range of approaches for the clients to develop their own insights during time outside.
  • Opportunity to work with your own practice working outdoors.
  • Collaborative peer-learning to develop the programme material.
  • Your own coaching with a peer coach to experience your own outdoor intelligence.

Who is it for

  • Qualified coaches with 150 hours of practice experience.
  • Leaders who coach and have a certified coach training and/or professional accreditation.
  • If you want to do this programme but are not qualified please contact me to check whether you are able to offer peer coaching. This is not training to coach. It is a programme for trained coaches

Maximum group size 10.

how it works

the basics

5 x weekly 2.5 hour online sessions 1400-1630 BST starting
Wednesday 11 November 2020. During these sessions you will:

  • Set-up and experience an online peer coaching relationship with outdoor practice that happens between the online sessions.
  • An interactive briefing on a themed aspect of coaching outdoors. This will be recorded and posted in our online space.
  • Guidance and collaborative learning about all aspects of bringing outdoor intelligence into online coaching: contracting, guiding an outdoor practice, insight exercises during time outdoors, practical and technology options.
  • Your one to one session with Fi is offered when the programme has completed to integrate your experience.


Fixed at £250


Wednesday 11 November 2020
Participant in Nature

Wednesday 18 November 2020
Quest and freewheeling

Wednesday 25 November 2020
Observation and Nature as mirror

Wednesday 2 December 2020
Metaphor and map-making

Wednesday 9 December 2020
Ongoing practice and review