Wild Leadership

Inside each of us is a leader who shows up with presence and vision in response to what they want to do in the world.  It’s in our nature.  I work with that part of you in coaching and super vision conversations. 

I’ve found that part of me during time outdoors in recent years.  I offer clients ways to connect with ‘outdoor intelligence’ when they spend time in Nature.   Coaches also value bringing this to their own practice from my online programmes. 

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Your ability to create a huge sense of space from which I can think, dream, process and plan is extraordinary.
Programme Director

National Charity Partnership - Tesco, British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK

Starting 12 January 2022

Online working and the scale of challenges we’re all facing makes that outdoor experience more important than ever. But how do you do outdoor coaching when you can’t walk out together? Outdoor Intelligence for Online Coaching is a 9-week programme that shows you how.


Coaches find that connecting clients with their own outdoor intelligence brings strong insights and shifts.  Embolden your practice as an ‘outdoor coach’ working online.


A space to put your head above the noise, know what wants to happen and work out how to do that. Within you is a wisdom waiting to be heard. Together we listen.


Super vision shines a light on your coaching relationships. Side by side we explore what’s playing out in the client and their context – and see what might want to happen differently.

Switched On!
The podcast about time outdoors transforming the work that you do

Listen to our monthly podcast where I’m in conversation with people who’ve inspired me in how they’ve changed their work from time outdoors.

Fi has combined ancient wisdom with breakthrough science to bring a new angle to leadership coaching.  The best coaching CPD I’ve ever done.

Kate Tapper, Director and Executive Coach

Quantum flirting

Here is a simple experience that enables me to dance with the universe, know what wants to be known.  It connects me with a vast intelligence beyond my ego.  It's something that you can do too. Last Saturday, I stepped across the threshold of my daily life into the...

The ‘so what?’ of adventure

Heroism or heuristics This is the moment I decided to stay here for the night. Alone, 4km from anyone, unable to hear anything because the glacial outflow was so noisy. Dumb-struck by the scale and beauty of the place that I had brought myself to, I decided from...

Mud, seedheads and shooting stars

Next Monday, I'm exploring Outdoor Intelligence with a group of experienced coaches who want to bring this into their practice with clients. Years of exploration have signposted me to the many ways that I both experience and understand that intelligence. This story of...